Institute of Cultural Research

The Institute of Cultural Research belongs to the field of humanities of the University of Tartu and consists of three departments: the Department of Literature and Theater Studies, the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore and the Department of Ethnology. Since 2011, the Institute of Cultural Research includes the Center for Oriental Studies and since 2021 the Arctic Studies Centre. The institute also has a professorship in the liberal arts and the UNESCO Chair on Applied Research of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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12. detsembril kell 16.15 peab Malay Bera loengu "Fairy Tales for the Queer Desi": New Paradigmas in South Asian Storytelling Traditions.
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The expatriate Estonian visiting professorship will be held by Annela Anger-Kraavi and Mart Kuldkepp.
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On 1 December, the University of Tartu celebrates the 103rd anniversary of establishing the Estonian-language university.
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Philipp Schwartz Fellow Maria Mayerchyk is giving a lecture at the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore on the topic Intimacy Before Sexuality: Genealogy of Prytula Custom.

Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore

Department of Ethnology

Department of Literature and Theatre studies

Arctic Studies Centre

Centre for Oriental Studies

UNESCO Chair on Applied Studies of Intangible Cultural Heritage

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