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It is possible to study at the Institute of Cultural Studies at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. The curricula are structured as modules, which allow students to plan their studies flexibly. Our institute prepares future cultural professionals.

There are five curricula in Estonian:

Literature and Cultural Studies (BA)
Ethnology, Folklore and Applied Anthropology (MA)
Literature and Theater Studies (MA)
Cultural Management (MA)
Literature and Cultural Studies (PhD)

There is one curriculum in English:

Folklore and Heritage Applications (MA)

The University of Tartu offers the widest cultural education in Estonia.

The institute has close cooperation with the leading employers in the field (Estonian National Museum, Estonian Literary Museum, Estonian Theater Agency, Folk Culture Center, etc.), who offer students exciting internship opportunities.

Applications for admission to bachelor's studies can be submitted to SAIS from June 13 to June 29, 2022.

Admission to the master's degree program starts already on February 1 and also lasts until June 29, 2022. Submission of applications in SAIS.


Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Cultural Studies
Master's degree in ethnology, folklore and applied anthropology
Master's degree in literary and theatrical studies
Master's degree in cultural management
Master's degree in Folklore and Heritage (in English)
Literature and Cultural Studies (PhD)

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