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Welcome to our newly established Mongolian studies blog!

The blog is featuring academic texts with an unfinished edge, field reports, photo essays, updates on current events, reflections on (research) subjectivity and/or Mongol-ness, pieces of creative writing addressing topics that requires the format, introductions of the author’s own academic publication(s) with an aim to engage a broader (non-specialist) audience, book reviews, etc. On occasion, we may publish anonymous posts. Please see the call for contributions below!

This blog is ran by UT's Mongolian Studies Lab.

More content will appear on this page soon.

Call for contributions to the newly established Mongolian Studies Blog

Lecture series

Guest lecture series on Chinese medieval texts

Kuulajad auditooriumis

War and Terror in Israel: The Nature and Legal Status of the Gaza Conflict

Erakogu pilt

Guest lecture "Contacts between the West Pontic Greek cities and the Near East in the Archaic period" on March 12