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ESITIS 2024 "Methodologies and Ideologies in Interreligious Engagement: Building Bridges in a Multipolar World"

The conference is organized by the European Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies (ESITIS) and plans to explore the radical pluralities at the heart of contemporary interreligious engagement. The conference will address the changing pluralities of approach, the significance of conflict as a guiding framework for interreligious research, the challenges of conformity to intellectual models that are alien to indigenous researchers, the effects of funding restricted to projects that conform to governmental and funder interests, the contribution of folklorist approaches, and the significance of activism for scholarly engagement with relations between traditions. As well as plenary lectures and short paper sessions devoted to the conference themes, ESITIS will host workshops on strategies for publishing in academic journals and for writing effective proposals to access funding for projects that reflect new approaches to interreligious engagement.


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Keynote speakers

Nicholas Adams, Professor of Philosophical Theology at the University of Birmingham (UK)

Liz Bucar, expert in religious ethics and Professor of Religion at the Northeastern University of Boston (USA)

Robert Vosloo, Professor of Systematic theology at the Stellenbosch University (Republic of South Africa)

Anne-Hege Grung, Professor of Interreligious Studies at the University of Oslo (Norway)

Ülo Valk, Professor of Estonian and Comparative Folklore at the University of Tartu

Katja Tolstoj, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Paul Hedges, Associate Professor of Interreligious Studies at the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

ESITIS2024 will take place in Tartu, Estonia. Learn more about Tartu!

The venue is the main building of the University of Tartu (Ülikooli 18), which is the oldest (founded in 1632) and largest university in Estonia.

How to travel to Tartu?

The easiest way to travel to Estonia from afar is by air. You can choose Tartu or Tallinn airports.

Finnair operates 12 trips per week between Tartu and Helsinki (for international connections). Flights to Tartu depart from Helsinki at 13:50 and 23:55. Flights to Helsinki depart from Tartu at 06:00 am and at 15:00.

More details about the flights!

Tartu Airport is located 10 kilometres from the centre of Tartu. The most convenient way to get to your hotel is by taxi.

The Tallinn Airport is cosy and small and just four kilometres from the city centre of Tallinn. Tallinn Airport has over 39 international destinations. From the airport, you can get to Tartu either by

  • Lux Express bus (Tallinn Airport-Tartu Coach Station). There are 22 departures each day. Look at the timetable – and it is strongly advisable to buy your ticket online! Persons over 60 years old and students get a discount! There is a ticket vending machine (T-Pilet) near the bus station at the airport, and also bus drivers sell tickets. Tickets cost from 6-17 euros. The coach station in Tartu is located downtown, and from there, it is within walking distance of most hotels.
  • Elron trainThe closest train station to the Tallinn airport is Ülemiste (less than 1 km from the airport). Buying tickets in advance is a good idea (online tickets are also cheaper). The railroad station in Tartu is about 1-1,5 km from the conference venue and most hotels.

One can get to Tartu also via Riga, Latvia (by bus), or by boat from Helsinki, Finland, to Tallinn, and then either by bus or train to Tartu.

For taxi aka ride-sharing, many prefer the Bolt app. It is fast, reliable and a good price. In Tartu you may also call for a taxi via Tartu Linna Takso (+372) 736 6366.


Where to stay in Tartu?

We have pre-booked rooms in various hotels, but in order to use the discount price and availability, you have to contact the hotel directly, and the earlier, the better.

NB! Breakfastis included in all hotels. Some also have a sauna.

Ülikooli 14, Tartu


7 classic single rooms (92 EUR per night), 3 classic double rooms (107 EUR per night).

Book using the email, with a password "ESITIS" at least 60 days before the conference.

Riia 4, Tartu


20 single rooms (90 EUR per night). Free cancellation of pre-booked rooms 60 days before the conference.

Rüütli 9, Tartu


15 single rooms (70 EUR per night), five double rooms (90 EUR per night). Password ESITIS 2024. Free cancellation of the pre-booking 7 days before the conference.

Soola 3, Tartu


Booking password: ESITIS 2024.

Pre-booked 5 single rooms (55 EUR per night), 10 standard double rooms for one person (60 EUR per night), 15 standard double rooms for two persons (74 EUR per night).

This might also be a good and affordable choice for students.

Book by email: or the hotel’s home page ( is the third party and cannot guarantee this price).

Pre-booking prices are valid till 08.04.2024.

Via or directly, one may get a good price in these accommodations:

Hansa Hotel, Looming and Hektor Design Hostels are within walking distance (1,5 km) or you can take a bus, the rest are located downtown.


PhD research seminar ‘Methodologies in city translation research’

Doktorant teeb laval ettekannet

Mark your calendars: three-minute thesis competition for doctoral students to be held on 2 October