Krzysztof Ulanowski

Krzysztof Ulanowski

Krzysztof Ulanowski is an Associate Professor (Ph.D.) in the Faculty of Social Sciences, department of social anthropology (University of Gdańsk). His main scientific interests related not only to anthropology but to Religious Studies, History, Classical and Oriental Studies. This is reflected in both; the research topic, i.e. the study on the influences of the Mesopotamian civilization on the Hellenic (and Hellenistic) ones, the differences between religion, magic and divination in history and contemporary times, the anthropology of ancient cultures, the borders between religions and cultures, the differences between holiness and exclusion in religious sphere and also the problems of religious minorities in Pomerania and magical rites of the contemporary world; and affiliation to scientific organizations Polish Orientalist Society (PTO), Classical Association in London (CA), Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), International Association for Assyriology (IAA), Societas Philologa Polonorum (PTF), General Association of Mediterranean Archeology (GAMA). He is a board member of international Melammu Project, conducted his research both in academic centers Paris, Padua, Athens, and field research in Mexico, Bhutan and Podlasie (Poland). He is an author of more than fifty publications: books, chapters in books and articles.


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Now, I await publication of my article “Time in Military Procedures. Comparison of Mesopotamian and Greek Divinatory Practices” in Henoch and an edited book K. Ulanowski (ed.), Sacredness – Open to Dialogue or Closed to Changes?