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New student dashboard is now available

From 12 June, the University of Tartu’s Study Information System (SIS) features a new student dashboard, which brings important information for learners together in one environment.

“The dashboard is logically structured and can become a useful tool for students. It was improved based on the feedback of students who were involved in its testing phase. With its new functions, the student dashboard is an excellent way to access important information quickly,” said Teele Kanarbik, Vice President of the Student Union.

Besides the usual shortcut to Moodle, the dashboard now also features a direct link to the university email inbox. The dashboard calendar view combines the academic calendar, the SIS timetable and the Moodle calendar. If desired, the timetable can be transferred to other calendars. The dashboard also provides important contact details (e.g. academic affairs specialist, programme director) and a link to register for counselling.

Kerli Vals, the project manager of the student dashboard, said that five functions were developed based on students’ requests in the first stage and that further developments are planned in the future. “We are certainly looking forward to students’ feedback about the dashboard. We will consider user experience and feedback as much as possible when planning further work.”

If you discover any errors when using the student dashboard, please report them to the SIS helpdesk (, 737 6615).

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