Seminar "Uncanny experiences and narratives: embodiment, senses, interpretative frames" 10. novembril 2015

Workshop 'Uncanny experiences and narratives: embodiment, senses, interpretative frames'

November 10, 2015, in Villa Tammekann (Kreutzwaldi 6)

9.30 Introduction

10.00  Kirsi Kanerva (University of Turku): Uncanny experiences and bodily emotions

10.30  Susanne Ådahl (University of Turku): Uncanny sensory experiences

11.00  Kaarina Koski (University of Turku): The uncanny in the mind: mental problems or mental abilities?

11.30 Coffee/ tea

12.15  Igor Volke (National Library, Tallinn): Anomalous phenomena of environent from different angles – as indicators of interpretive frameworks

12.45 lunch (in villa Tammekann)

14.00 Margaret Lyngdoh (University of Tartu): Why Khasis don't learn how to swim: engagement and fear of water-bodies

14.30 Katre Koppel (University of Tartu): Birth narratives in the Source Breathwork community: interpretations of bodily experiences,  the esoteric body and family lore

15.00 Reet Hiiemäe (University of Tartu/ Estonian Literary Museum): The voices of the unborn. Narrated experiences of childless families

15.30 Coffee/ tea

16.00 Kirsten Marie Raahauge (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts): Intense sensations on the limit of reason. Anthropological interpretations of haunted houses?

16.30  Ülo Valk (University of Tartu): Memories of ghosts: experiences and narratives

17.15  Tour of haunted Tartu (guided by Tartu-NEFA)

19.00  Dinner

The workshop is organised by the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore, University of Tartu, and the University of Turku (Interdisciplinary Research Project  “Mind and the Other“)