Mongolian film festival

We are delighted to announce the Mongolian film festival in Tartu, which will be hosted by the Institute of Cultural Research UT on November 4-5 (see the program attached). During the festival our guests from Mongolia - Enkhbat Natsagdorj (MFF Founder and Curator), Dulguun Usukhbayar, Bayankhangai Davaasuren, Uuganzaya Tagirvaa - will introduce a selected collection of the recent Mongolian films (with English subtitles), conceptual movies, documentaries, popular films. The screening will be followed by discussions with the audience and Estonian experts in visual arts and sciences.

Everybody is very welcome!


For more information please contact Alevtina Solovyeva:


Mongoolia filmifestivali poster


Organisers: Enkhbat Natsagdorj (Mongolian Film Festival, Mongolia), Tuya Shagdar (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom), Alevtina Solovyeva (University of Tartu, Estonia).

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