Student organizations

The Institute of Cultural Studies has three active student organizations that enrich both culture and the student life.

Literature student organization Ellips gathers young people interested in literature, who gather every week in the recreation room of the Institute of Cultural Sciences of the University of Tartu to talk about the most important thing: literature. As a sentence design, the ellipse indicates the omission, but the Ellips literature circle accommodates all kinds of topics and people, regardless of the specialty or hobby being studied.

Tartu Nefa Group is a student organization that unites students-masters-doctoral students of ethnology and folklore and others interested in these fields. Nefa organizes scientific seminars, fieldwork and events that introduce the subject of folklore and ethnology. The aim of the group is to mediate contacts with ethnology and folklore students, professional organizations and those interested in Estonia and elsewhere. The Tartu Nefa group publishes the magazine Vanavaravedaja and the newspaper AFEN. Read more about the group's activities on the Tartu Nefa group's website.

Teatriteaduse Üliõpilaste Loož (TÜL) is a voluntary association of theater science students at the University of Tartu, the aims of which are to promote theater science in Estonia and to broaden the horizons of its members and other students in the field of theater. TÜL has a website, a blog and podcasting.