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International workshop "Contesting authorities in central Asia: prospects, concerns and balances"

9-11 May 2024, The Centre for Oriental Studies of the University of Tartu is organizing an international workshop: "CONTESTING AUTHORITIES IN CENTRAL ASIA: PROSPECTS, CONCERNS AND BALANCES"


Welcome to our Workshop! It is possible to follow the event in zoom - sessions 1-4 and the Webinar “University of Tokyo - University of Tartu, Chinese, Russian and Central Asian” (Estonia time), please, register by May 7:

During the recent decade and the last few years, in particular, substantial changes have occurred in the area of shared international interests and concerns – Central Asia. The previous balances in the region noticeably change under the new conditions and official and unofficial influences of several political authorities, struggling for dominance there. The principal questions for the European and international community concern the understanding of the ongoing process, possibilities and perspectives of the involvement in the forming of the new balances, as well as potential risks.

The conference will focus on several issues related to the Central Asian regions and the surrounding areas (e.g., East Asia, Caucasus, Middle East, etc). It invites to discuss such themes as:

· New transition in Central Asia: transformation processes in political systems, economic, social, and ideological realms

· International relations, organizations and initiatives involving Central Asian countries: rethinking and remapping to reveal new productive updates

· Central Asia - strategic region and a source of threats: security dilemmas and challenges

· Centres of interest and influence in Central Asia: ambitions, powers and contesting authorities of Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and Western countries

· Ideological, social and cultural reflections of the regional political transit and global trends

· Roles of the civil sector in Central Asia: religious and secular initiatives


The workshop will include various forms of activities: sessions of topical research presentations and analytical reports, round table discussions, dispute sessions of experts.

The workshop aims to brainstorm and work out effective perspectives on:

· Approaches and questions towards Central Asia and transnational relations inside and outside

· Challenges and Perspectives for EC and its countries in Central Asia

· Prognoses of regional, international and global development, involving Central Asia

· Sources and analytics specialising on Central Asia and transnational relations inside and outside the region.

The conference invites scholars and experts to discuss these and other related topics and welcomes various theoretical and applied approaches. For more information, please, contact Prof Vladimir Sazonov and Dr Alevtina Solovyeva

Organising Committe: 

Alevtina Solovyeva
Mari Valdur
Rodion Krupin
Vladimir Sazonov

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