The Second Volume of Estonian Fairy Tales Was Published in the Series Monumenta Estoniae Antiquae

The second volume of Estonian Fairy Tales is a continuation to the publications of fairy tales (tales of magic, wondertales) included in the folktale series of Monumenta Estoniae Antiquae. The scholarly edition of fairy tale types stored in the Estonian Folklore Archives of the Estonian Literary Museum provides an overview of all types of Estonian fairy tales. The collections of the EFA contain approximately 6,000 manuscript fairy tales and include in addition to these also audio recordings.

The second volume of the anthology includes sample texts of types ATU 500–749; the first volume contains texts belonging to types ATU 300–499, altogether 315 texts. The anthology presents one to three archival texts from each fairy tale type found in Estonia, depending on the number of the variants gathered in the archives. There are two textual samples of most of the tale types; if there are fewer than ten written recordings, one text has been selected for inclusion; if the archive contains more than 75 texts, three texts have been included.

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Compiled by: Risto Järv, Mairi Kaasik, Kärri Toomeos-Orglaan
Title: Imemuinasjutud 2 (Eesti muinasjutud I: 2). Monumenta Estoniae Antiquae V.
ISBN: 978-9949-544-19-6. ISSN: 1736-8928
Format: hard cover, 766 p., measures 267x170x50 (mm)
Publisher: Eesti Kirjandusmuuseumi Teaduskirjastus. 2014

It is possible to buy the book from bigger book shops as well as from the Estonian Literary Museum and the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folklore, University of Tartu.