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ESITIS 2024 - keynote speakers' presentations are now available on YouTube!

ESITIS 2024 conference "Methodologies and Ideologies in Interreligious Engagement: Building Bridges in a Multipolar World" was held at the University of Tartu on 8-11 May, and the keynote speakers' presentations are now available on YouTube!

2024 ESITIS conference explored the radical pluralities at the heart of contemporary interreligious engagement. Its geographical and methodological pluralities provide new generative possibilities for understanding, as voices from the majority world contribute perspectives that reflect local historical trajectories, and as disciplines within the political sciences furnish conceptual tools that complement a focus on texts and rituals in theology and religious studies and the sociology and anthropology of religion. Understanding the role of religion vis à vis governmental and international relations provides new resources for understanding the forces that shape religious life within and between traditions and provides new opportunities to build peaceful relations.

ESITIS 2024 on Uni Tartu School of Theology and Religious Studies YouTube Channel!


PhD research seminar ‘Methodologies in city translation research’

Doktorant teeb laval ettekannet

Mark your calendars: three-minute thesis competition for doctoral students to be held on 2 October