Guest lecture series on Chinese medieval texts

We are delighted to announce that in March 2024, the Centre for Oriental Studies hosts a guest lecture series on Chinese medieval texts by visiting sscholar Georgijs Dunajevs (National Library of Latvia Collections Curator, Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection).

Wednesdays, at 12:15, Narva mnt 18, room 2035

March 6

Lecture: The age of disunity and the rise of Buddhism

Buddhism enters China in the 1st century CE and becomes widespread after the fall of Han, offering solace to people caught in a whirlwind of war and dynastic change. In this lecture, we will assess the extent of Buddhism’s influence on medieval Chinese society, using Yan Zhitui’s Family Instructions as the main source.

March 13

Lecture: The empire of (in)tolerance: religious pluralism in the Tang

The Tang dynasty, while considered to be the “Golden Age” of Chinese civilisation, alternated between allowing religious freedom and persecuting non-native religious traditions. In this lecture, we will cover the various facets of Tang attitudes, as reflected in the writings of contemporaries such as Liu Zongyuan and Han Yu.

March 20

Lecture: Confucian revivalism in Northern Song

In the Northern Song, several groups of young and ambitious scholars attempted to restore the Confucian world order, initiating the discourse on the splendor of the Chinese antiquity. The revivalist movement involved some of the most prominent figures of their time, such as Fan Zhongyan, Ouyang Xiu, and Su Shi, who paved the way for Neo-Confucianists of later time.

March 27

Seminar: Medieval Texts in the History of Chinese Thoughts


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