Kikee Doma Bhutia

Conference "Vernacular Buddhism in Asia and Europe"

Dear all, please join us on May 4-6 at the 1t International Conference "Vernacular Buddhism in Asia and Europe"! Our conference invites you to look at the rich diversity of Buddhism from geographical, chronological, textual, contextual, structural, cultural, ritual, social, philosophical and pragmatic perspectives. We encourage topics that focus on Asian and also European and Western regions, taken separately or in comparison. 
All event times listed here follow the time in Tartu, Estonia (GMT+3)

May 4, Opening of the Conference and the Keynote lecture by Prof. Yushuang Yao (Fo Guang University, Taiwan) - Lossi 3 (Lobby hall)
May 4, Panels - Jakobi 2-114
May 5-6 - Jakobi 2-114.


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Meeting ID: 972 4175 4879

Passcode: 797236

Organisers: University of Tartu; Estonian Oriental Society; University of Bern; École pratique des hautes études; University of Vilnius; Fo Guang University

Main organiser: Institute of Cultural Research, University of Tartu


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