Dr. Agita Misāne will give a public lecture on March 23

Dr. Agita Misāne, Leading Researcher at the Faculty of Communications at Riga Stradiņši University will read a public lecture „Perception of Death and Imagined Afterlife in Latvian Traditional and Contemporary Religious Cultures“ on March 23 at 16.15.  The lecture will take place at Ülikooli 16-212. 

Lecture will be based on the findings of Latvian Research Council funded project “Memento Mori: The End of Life, Death and Imagined Afterlife in the Contemporary Latvian Lifeworld” and refer to archival data as well as quantitative and qualitative sociological analyses. The principal focus will be on how traditional beliefs are reflected in the opinions represented in religious and secular parts of the Latvian society.

Issues like preparation for death, what is considered "a good death", attitudes to euthanasia and suicide, and organ donation, will also be touched upon.



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