About Mongolian Research Laboratory

The Mongolian Research Laboratory is created to enterprise, carry on and coordinate research, educational, public projects and expertise, concerning various aspects of Mongolia, Mongolian and related communities across the borders. The laboratory is also aimed to bring cross-cultural introduction and development of cooperative relations between Mongolia and Estonia.  

Interests of the Laboratory focus on the Inner Asia and post-socialist Central Asian regions, cultures, societies, specifics of the economic and political development, cross-cultural and geopolitical relations, on-going processes and situations, which influence local and global communities. 

Mongolia provides rich and diverse examples valuable for various research fields – multiculturalism, specific traditions of Buddhism, Shamanism and eco-cosmologies; contemporary nomadism; post-socialist development; imperial, postcolonial and national ideologies; democracy and politics of balances; strategies of dealing with local and global disasters and many other fields. Mongolia and Mongolian communities represent the important subjects in ongoing in the regions processes, cultural, political, economic. Research and cooperation in this field provide possibilities to understand better the grounds, perspectives and risks in a larger scale of contemporary Asian-European relations.  

The laboratory plans to conduct research concerning various topics of Mongolian cultures and societies, organise joint Estonian-Mongolian events and educational courses for researches and students of different levels. The events of the Laboratory for 2023 include the Mongolian studies conference (March), organising Estonian days in the National University of Mongolia (June), Mongolian Film Festival in Estonia (November). 


PhD research seminar ‘Methodologies in city translation research’

Doktorant teeb laval ettekannet

Mark your calendars: three-minute thesis competition for doctoral students to be held on 2 October

Doctoral defence: Valentina Punzi "Making (hi)stories in Amdo: voices, genres, and authorities"

On 13 June at 12:00 Valentina Punzi will defend her doctoral thesis "Making (hi)stories in Amdo: voices, genres, and authorities".